Hunting license E-Learning Course

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding Ingen SU eller løn Business courses, Courses on specific subjects, Alternative Healthcare Courses En lektion om ugen i 7 uger + 4 dages teori og pra Ingen
City Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Business courses, Courses on specific subjects, Alternative Healthcare Courses
Duration En lektion om ugen i 7 uger + 4 dages teori og pra
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution
Hunting license E-Learning Course

Theory classes include:
The curriculum for the theoretical part includes: game knowledge, game biology, wildlife management, wildlife management, hunting weapons and ammunition, law, security, ethics and hunting management.

You get seven lessons, one each week, which you are working when it suits you. You will receive a course folder with various important supporting material.
But note that you 100% decide when you want to start reading and the system will be open to the day you need to try.

In addition, you get the opportunity to train on Jagttegn.nets super efficient E-training program, which you obviously have access to the web during the process, and you also have the opportunity to contact an instructor, either online or by. telephone.

Practical lessons include:
Contents: Precautions, arms control, shoot technique, 50 shots after clay pigeons, distance rating for game characters as well as training in hunting path corresponding to the path going to the hunting license test.

The samples are borne by the Nature Agency 2 times per year:
Spring: April 15 to 30 June (deadline for registration is d. February 15)
Autumn: 15 September to 30 October (deadline for registration is. July 17)

Meeting Days:
According to the law, there are 4 days of compulsory attendance - 5 lessons of 45 minutes each. time - and basically we distribute them as follows:

1 day
Theory evening from pm. 18:00 pm. about 22:00.
Information about how E-Learning and E-Training works as well as the interaction between these two systems.
Orientation about syllabus content and how we attack this most constructive.
Reviewing hunting test - both theoretical and practical part.
Review of the literature behind hunting license teaching - "Hunting license" from the Danish Hunters' Association and "Game and Hunting in Denmark" from the publisher Hornslet and various bird books.
Lecture: chase performance (safety, ethics and hunting management, forms of hunting dogs, game handling)

2nd day
Theory Evening evening from pm. 18:00 to about 22:00
Review of game knowledge and biology, wildlife management, hunting weapons - shotgun and rifle ammunition, law, theory regarding. shooting technique
Any doubt.

3rd + 4th day
The last two days will be used for the practical part.

P rice: kr. 3,500.00

Book course here and take your hunting license online.

The price of the E-Learning course for hunting license you get:

  • Skilled approved instructors.
  • Binder with important course material.
  • Access to E-Learning Program
  • Access to the unique online training program.
  • Mandatory shoot technical course
  • Hunting rifle provided.
  • Registration for the hunting license test.
  • Help with the administrative service from the office.
  • Hotline up to test time.
  • Meals on theory evenings: Sandwich, coffee, tea and water.

Not included in price:

  • There are 2 textbooks to choose from: Wildlife and Hunting in Denmark kr. 600, - Hunting license or + Lovsamling - kr. 638, -
  • Shooting range additions: kr. 250.00 - collected by
  • Sample Fee for Nature Agency, kr. 310.00 - collected by the Nature Agency.

When you book a course, you automatically accept Jagttegn.nets trading conditions including:

Payment terms:

Registration fee kr. 1,000.00 paid within 8 days after registration.
The rest of the course fee is due 45 days prior to the course.

Registration fee of kr. 1,000.00 refundable.
For cancellations in the period from the closing date of entries - respectively 15.2 and 18.7 - and up until a week before the start of the course, refundable with 50% of the course fee deducted from the registration fee.
For cancellations the last week before the course starts, no refund.

Changing course days:
Change due to illness - adm. Fee kr. 0.00
1. Change - adm. Fee kr. 0.00
Subsequent changes - adm. Fee kr. 200,00
Transfer to next season - adm. Fee kr. 1,000, 00

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