Who doesn't love good burgers? There are now plenty of places in Copenhagen where you can eat burgers, but which place should you choose? Jagger has a number of different restaurants located in Copenhagen, and is an obvious take away place in Copenhagen for those who are looking to taste a delicious burger with crispy fries next door! Specifically, you will find Jagger at Shopping street 43 in the inner city! In addition, Jagger has a number of other restaurants around the center of Copenhagen that you can also visit.

Jagger's fast food is something special, and you can never go wrong in town with a burger from here. Among other things, former Michelin-starred chef, Rasmus Oubæk, is behind the burger chain, and you can therefore be sure that you will get delicious burgers here, where there are cooks for both the selected ingredients and the food of the food! A Jagger burger is characterized by its freshness and good ingredients, and most likely why it is so popular with many. Jagger does not compromise on quality. Soft brioche burger buns, juicy steaks and a variety of other accessories complete the real Jagger burger. When you enjoy your burger from Jagger, it, along with your chosen accessories, will be wrapped in a white wrapper, making that kind of street food feel a tooth more luxurious. And who doesn't want to enjoy a bit of luxury at a student-friendly price in their everyday lives, even when it comes to take-away?

Before visiting a new eatery, it may be nice to get an overview of the menu. Especially when it comes to burgers, because there are now quite a few burger places and burger chains in Denmark, all of which are fighting for the guests' favor. On the menu at Jagger you will find a large selection of a variety of burgers. Therefore, you can be sure that there is something for everyone. You can choose from a jagger-double-burger, hamburger, cheese-burger, pulled-pork-burger or fried-chicken burger. If you are a vegetarian then you can get a veggie burger with a homemade vegetarian steak on the menu! Thus, the possibilities are many at Jagger, and here are served burgers, which you just must not miss.
You can complement your burger with some crispy pumpkin fries and a dip or a fresh caesar salad if it suits your taste.
We also have a tip for you who would like more food for money! It is very expensive to order a 'combo' with Jagger, which means that you get a burger, pom-fries and a beverage at an overall price, which is extremely study-friendly. You can read more about the prices and the individual menus on the burger chain's own website.

If you are a little hungry, Jagger can help you too! Could it be tempting with a delicious milkshake? If the answer is yes, then Jagger has different flavors of milkshakes that you should definitely not miss either. You can choose, for example, strawberries, oreos, chocolates and cherries, and enjoy your milkshake as a dessert or cold refreshment during a friendly shopping trip with girlfriends.
Need inspiration on what to order if you choose to visit Jagger, then you can find on Instagram many incredible pictures of satisfied guests' orders. Specifically, you can search for images under the hashtag #JAGGERFASTFOOD. It's a quick and easy way to find inspiration for your order. You are guaranteed that your mouth will run into water as you scroll through the images. Once you have tried Jagger yourself, you may want to post a picture of your food yourself!

If you choose to try Jagger, you have different options when it comes to where you can enjoy your food. If you are still in Copenhagen, you can very well eat your burger in one of the restaurants cozy rooms,characterized by having a very stylish and decor. However, if you would rather enjoy your food at home, you can easily do it too. You can either choose to pick up the food yourself or have it brought out via Wolt! It's a quick, easy and study-friendly way to try food from the outside. When it comes to burgers from Jagger, everyone can join.

If you love good burgers at student-friendly prices, then we recommend you take a closer look at Jagger. Here you get a high quality juicy burger. The menu is packed with different types of burgers, so you'll definitely be able to get one (or two) to suit your taste.

It is an obvious place for students to eat, especially because of the student-friendly prices, and you can both enjoy your food in the cozy rooms of the restaurants, or take the food home to enjoy it on the couch. The choice is entirely up to you. You will find Jagger at Kømagergade 43 in the heart of Copenhagen. The other restaurants are located at Vesterbro, Amager, Østerbro, Nørrebro and Frederiksberg respectively. So you have plenty of opportunity to taste burgers from Jagger, wherever you may be in Copenhagen.


Købmagergade 43, 1150 København K

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Jagger på Købmagergade
Søndag - onsdag: 11.00 - 21.00
Torsdag - lørdag: 11.00 - 22.00

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