As a temp at JKS get a permanent job, but at varying jobs. You will be connected to our customers in a shorter or longer period of time and will be included in the workforce on an equal footing with the employees on site.

JKS ensures that you have the right skills in relation to the demands you make of our customers. It is very important for creating trust and satisfaction of all parties. We would of course like to come back, because we attach great importance to having long customer partnerships.

Even if you are "stationed" in relation to JKS, we will keep you informed of what is happening in your field. We will also work with you to assess whether there are relevant courses and programs that can strengthen your skills further.

JKS based on three basic values ​​that we value highly, both in the daily work in the long-term development;

- Efficiency For us to create a good and constructive dialogue on the individual tasks and utilize the resources that each employee possesses. We believe this provides competent, committed and satisfied employees who take pride in solving tasks in a professional and high quality standards.

- Credibility is an indication that we keep our promises and say things as they are. We are open and honest about our intentions and actions - and we believe, moreover, that credibility is something we need to earn.

- Engagement is connected to be driven - and, moreover, be noted that different people are motivated in different ways. Therefore, we do a lot to create a broad framework for motivation at all levels of the organization - because it helps to ensure both ourselves, our clients and candidates committed to working that everybody can be happy with.


Sdr. Ringvej 44
6000 Kolding

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Telefon: 76 33 07 50
E-mail: kolding@jks.dk


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