Inge Lehmann Scholarship 1983

Belongs to this/these group of educations


Meant for

Studies and internships abroad

Application deadline

2nd quarter
4th quarter


The grant will be used primarily for long-term research stays for researchers who completed their PhD education or otherwise have achieved equivalent experience. The application must be about a research project that specifically can be performed by the stay abroad.

Ph.d. students can be considered only if the stay abroad is associated with particular conditions. The application must include a statement of the finance Ph.D. process and the peculiarities. In practice, a scholarship is not a mandatory external research stay as part of the Ph.D. training (so-called environmental change).

The grant is awarded

(1) researchers in geophysics - primarily for studies of the Earth's interior and its surface

(2) researchers in experimental / empirical psychology

See the charter for further information.

Questions can be directed to Rasmus Popp Enevoldsen or 33 43 53 12th

The use of a application form , filled in online and sent electronically. You will receive a confirmation email containing the information you entered in the table. Appendix to your application must be attached electronically as a single PDF file.

As an annex (max. 6 pages) must enclose the following: a general description of the purpose, a detailed project description incl. a detailed description of the methodology, estimates and information about qualifications possible. attached references.


The deadline for applications annually on April 1 and October 1.