IAK is an unemployment has 75,000 members - mainly engineers and engineers. We can be compared to an insurance company. By paying an annual amount you insure yourself in the event of unemployment. We also manage the early retirement scheme for our members.

IAK is more than just an unemployment insurance fund. Our consultancy Complement has a wide range of targeted services that can help our unemployed members back to work: Job-search assistance, coaching and career guidance.

IAK has about 80 dedicated employees who work daily with case management, job placement, counseling, development and operation of the company.

IAK - shortcut for the right job
We have a group of unique members who all have a technical-scientific background. NAC is the only professionally defined unemployment fund for academics, and this professionalism is our corporate profile. Our professionalism are members shortcut for the right job, because we know them and their labor. In addition to being the only professional unemployment fund for academics is IAK also the cheapest unemployment fund for academics. So you can be a member additional cost at IAK because one is special because of his education.

IAK's employees also have a high degree of professionalism. Many of unemployment insurance consultants are certified coaches and consultants from Complement are highly trained and certified employees. Read more about the consultants and their background .

IAK- a member organization
IAK signed by a Board and Executive Committee, both elected by the members. Formally, we are a private association that has a statehood recognized unemployment.

IAK's employees take the member at the center and the best help possible through a difficult set of rules, so options exercised and obligations are respected. The staff strives to provide high quality service.



It is important for us that NAC is a good place to work. We participate in the annual competition "Denmark's best workplace" by the Institute Great Place To Work hold. Our location in 2011 was number 12 in the category Small and medium-sized enterprises. This location we are working to improve.

Senior management consists of the CEO. Per Hansen and Director Elisabeth Hvas.

Moreover, IAK a management group in various departments work with law, Consult in and casework, member-oriented training and job activities and business contacts.


Kalvebod Brygge 31-33
1780 København V

Contact info

Telefon: 7033 5000

E-mail: kontakt@iak.dk


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