Hotelier Anders Månsson and wife scholarship

Belongs to this/these group of educations

Social Sciences
Health Sciences
Technical Training

Meant for

Studies and internships abroad

Application deadline

1st quarter


Legacy applicants talented poor students at the University of Copenhagen, who during the first years of studies have shown diligence and good skills, and for whom receipt of the grant will allow for the making of travel for study purpose for which the scholarship amount is preferably paid.

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Scholarship Committee is also - if after the committee's best estimate for a part of the scholarship portion of the case is an urgent greater need for payment of grant allowances qualified applicants for the use of cover necessary living expenses during the study - authorized to suspend the reception of such portions, even the absence of a study purposes. It is not for receiving a condition that the recipient is eligible to receive assistance from the State Education.

How to apply for the scholarship?

Use the university's application for the University of Copenhagen scholarships. On the front indicated legacy name. The application form can be printed out here .


Application deadline: February 20, 2009, at. 12th


72 oz kr. 10.000, - availability.


Application submitted to: University of Copenhagen SU ​​office Fiolstræde 22, 2nd floor, PO Box 2112, 1014 Copenhagen. K