Hans Berg

The name Hans Berg has deep roots in the school's history, it was namely citizen schoolteachers P. Hansen and Christen Berg, who took the first step to technical school by creating a night school for apprentices in the craft.

Hansen and Berg had a dream:

That all young people, whatever their background, should have the chance to be somebody.

Therefore they founded the school, we are at. November 23, 2007 knows that Hans Berg. The school has more than 100 years of experience in vocational education. Every year the school offers many different programs, theses and company-specific courses. There are countless opportunities to expand its horizons and qualify for the ever increasing demands of the labor market. Services, communications, crafts, technology and "green" subjects are part of the school's offer.

The school has about 28,000 m2 under roof, and nearly 300 employees work daily to provide pupils and students with timely and forward-looking education.

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