Life is too short for dull hair!

That's Haircuts philosophy and it shines through in everything Jenna and girls in the salon is doing. From the colorful hair dyes and products Icecream, the frisky hairstyles that come out of the door of the salon Haircuts. Whether you just got hair on your head or you almost lost it again, then Haircuts help revitalize curls, so it suits you and your personality.

At Haircuts are both something to those who are fresh on something new and different, but the skilled hairdressers also know how important simplicity and security can be and will guide you carefully so that you get the result you dream about. From straight hair into beautiful corkscrew curls from blond to pink, bohemian or wedding setup, Haircuts does it all, and is also a salon for the whole family. Are you not of the female gender, you can also get an ordinary trimming wax the hair.

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Each treat Jenna with Haircuts is personal and you will feel comfortable from you come to you yesterday. Even long after your visit, people will ask where you have been treated your hair.
There is always a good deal on the products that can give your hair the life it deserves. As a little bonus, you also get a drink while you wait, or when you're sitting in the chair with aluminum foil in their hair. There is always a fresh cup of coffee in the pot and a tasty treat next. have only heard and read good about Jenna and Haircuts. Jenna is a hairdresser as passionate about getting you to show your hair with pride. She loves her profession and want to make your day in the hairdressing chair with her into something memorable. If you can find time in her booked calendar, you can also share in this experience and give life to your hair. Your hair will love you for it and you will love your hair.

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Hadsundvej 34
9000 Aalborg C

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Tlf: 9812 3507

Opening Hours

Mandag - torsdag: 09:00 - 17:30
Fredag: 09:00 - 18:00
Lørdag: 08:00 - 12:00