Hair and make-up artist

City Student Scholarships Category Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen Ingen SU eller løn Business courses Ingen United Makeup Academy
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Business courses
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution United Makeup Academy
Hair and make-up artist
Would you like to be trained for hair and make-up artist? Then United Makeup Academy most recognized and well-respected educational institution in Copenhagen in the field. United Makeup Academy offers aspiring, ambitious and fashion-interested young people the training in hair and make-up.


At the end of an intensive 8 week course you will have learned all the necessary techniques as a professional hair and make-up artist does. You will also be able to leave the course with a complete hair and make-up set to a value of more than 13,000 kr. With this you're completely ready for your first job in your new career.

Academic content

Here is a brief description of the topics the course examines: Make-up
* Skin care and hygiene
* Foundation, color correction and concealer
* Kontour, shadow and highlight
* Powder, bronzer and blush
* Bryn, eye shadow and lashes
* Techniques for smookey eyes, beauty looks and high fashion
* Blending
* Lips - lipstick, fave choice, gloss and brushes
* Photo
* Celebrity makeup
* Catwalk, fashion shows
* Editorial, fashion and front footage
* Music Video
* HD media, TV and advertising
* Men's grooming
* Weddings
* Brushes and products
* Blow-drying, straightening, setup and curl
* Editorial setups
* Celebrity looks
* Music video - learn what works and what does NOT work on a music video
* Catwalks, fashion shows
* Advertising, commercial and TV
* Bridal Setups

Work experience

Once you have completed your training, you must first now to find your way in this industry. It can be difficult to find the right people and the professionals jobs to form your experience. United Makeup Academy therefore offers their dedicated and talented students to be booked as assistant makeup artists so you, side by side with our instructors can work on fashion shows, music videos or photo shoots.


United Makeup Academy advises and guides always in other important elements such as web design, accounting, business knowledge, and career guidance. United Makeup Academy offers as a courtesy to our 8 week students isolated events consisting of MAC Pro days, Bobbi Brown master class and ghd master classes as one-day seminars.


A portfolio of your work is indispensable. It shows photographers, agencies and potential customers what you can. At the end of this course you have the possibility to start your own portfolio, at a photo shoot with a professional photographer and a model from a top modeling agency.

Your hair and make-up kit

During your workout at United Make-up Academy you will learn to work with the best professional brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown and ghd. Starting your own kit is expensive and it is difficult to determine the products you need. United Makeup Academy will guide you to the products and help you to select it as you need in your kit. During your 8-week intensive course at United Makeup Academy you will have the opportunity to take advantage of big discounts on the brands United Makeup Academy works with. These discounts can be up to 50%.

Jump-start your career

United Makeup Academy is dedicated to ensuring the best quality and highest standard. Nicci Welsh provides information and assistance that can not be obtained by other schools. You will leave with all the tools and the right networks to jump-start your career. Price includes VAT 45.000 kr. And include a professional hair and make-up kit worth over £ 13,000 A deposit of £ 6,000 will be required to hold a place on the course. Are you interested in learning more about training for hair and make-up artist, then you can order more information right here on - use the form below.

Job Opportunities

Hair and make-up artist, make-up artist, self.