Goldsmith Bent Olsvig

Goldsmith Bent Olsvig is a stylish Nordic unique jewelery designs with interesting quirky combination energy.

Besides their own jewelry I transfer Eva Slotta Jewellery collections COLOURED BALLONS and TINT DEEP. Modern and colorful jewelry. Her jewelry impresses with fresh colors and a chic, minimalist Scandinavian design. By careful selection and accurate stone grinding on German factories highlighted the individual properties of each gemstone.

The result is a complete and authentic expression. Seductive but surely. A design in the awareness of the growing need for formal clarity and quality materials.


Graven 18
28 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 24865556


Opening Hours

Mandag lukket

Tirsdag - Torsdag 10- 16

Fredag 10 – 18

Lørdag 10 – 16


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