Gasoline Grill

Juicy burger, good prices and a location in the capital. Does that sound like something for you? Then you might want to try a burger from Gasoline Grill in Copenhagen. You can find Gasoline Grill in various places, including at Vesterport Station. If you want to see an overview of the other locations, you can quickly find it on the site's own website.

Once in a while, the only thing you need is a juicy burger. A juicy burger, where the ingredients are thought of, so the burger gets the right taste! You can get it at Gasoline Grill. Some even think that Gasoline Grill gets the best burgers. That's just one way to find out! Namely, by visiting them yourself.

At Gasoline Grill they are very much into ecology and choosing the right ingredients, which is only to your advantage! On their website you will find a quick overview of what is at Gasoline Grill organic. Furthermore, there is also a lot of attention here to reduce food waste. In other words, at Gasoline Grill, it is planned how much food must be produced each day to be sold out. So this is a place with a completed concept.

There is no doubt that a Gasoline Grill burger is insta-worthy. If you are not yet fully convinced, check them out on Instagram here and get inspired!

If we take a look at the menu, it is simple but good. You can get a burger for under $ 100 and a combo with side orders, drinks and dessert for under $ 200! Most people here can take part in a good game of take away, although it may also be the end of the month. Gasoline Grill is an obvious take away for those who are into ecology, good taste and fighting food waste.

Are you looking for an eatery where you can treat yourself to a good burger at a great price? Then you might want to try Gasoline Grill in Copenhagen. It is an obvious place for you who do not just have the time and desire to stand in the kitchen, but where it may like to go a bit strong - without compromising on the delicious taste and ingredients.


Vesterport Station
1612 København V

Contact info

Se hjemmeside.

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 11.00 - til der er udsolgt


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