Fredes Flying Plate

Come past Frede's Flying Plate to a flying taste experience. Here is the menu filled with delicious dishes and countless options for a good meal. Whether you are a vegetarian, meatloaf, sucker or just need a snack, this is the place for you!


No nice feelings

At Østbanetorvet in the heart of the sparkling Aarhus, you will find Fredes Flyvende plate. Here the restaurant with its distinctive name has been for more than 15 years and has been spreading joy to the city's savvy residents. It's the perfect place for you who lives on budget but will not go down on quality. On the menu you will find many of the classics such as a large selection of sandwiches, salads and burgers. If you're into classics with a dispute, you should try the Porchetta burger with pork tenderloin, cabbage, rucola, tomato, red onions, pesto, parmesan cheese and tartarmayo for only 90, - or Hot Duck Sandwich with Juicy Pickled Duck, Mustard Mayo, Tomato , cornichoner and spider bowl for only 65, -. Delicious and a little out of the ordinary!


Come and taste the right of the week!

Every week you can enjoy the "right of the week", consisting of changing delights for only £ 85. So you can have a delicious, sour, hot meal for less than $ 100 - that's to say budget-friendly. And today's dish is shame really delicious! For example, it may be braised beef crossbread on a mash of celery and potato with pearls, cherry tomatoes and skysauce or a delicious baked fish with mashed potato, chives, eggs, baked beetroot, mustard sauce and bacon. Yum!


Out of the house

Fredes Flyvende Plate has more than 15 years of experience in catering and therefore the place to order is the next time you are planning family reunion or summer party. Every day, the kitchen makes a breakfast plate, where you can order food for a minimum of 2 people, for only NOK 100 per person. nose. So if you want to surprise your guests with a good lunch, do so with Frede's delicious and cheap flat. If you are planning the summer party or the studio's Christmas party, then you can get help here. You can order Fredes Buffet with both starters, main course and dessert, where all you have to do is to heat the food - it's easy! You can also have a delicious Christmas buffet with everything that matters, so you have time to plan all the fun, rather than stand the kitchen. Bon appetite!

Contact info

Tlf: 8616 9257

Opening Hours

Mandag - Torsdag 11-14 & 16.30-21
Fredag - Lørdag 11-21
Søndag 12-21


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