City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Aarhus SU & elevløn Profession Bachelors 4 year Ingen Danish School of Media and Journalism
City Aarhus
Student Scholarships SU & elevløn
Category Profession Bachelors
Duration 4 year
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Danish School of Media and Journalism

What do Spiderman and Superman in common besides they are both super heroes and starts with S?

They are photographers / photojournalists for a newspaper. Since comics are from before the Internet time was the newspaper one of the most popular media to create images for. But if it were today could just as well be a photographer for one of the online media that exists.

Gradually, all also a camera on it, but there are very few who know how to shoot properly. And they have certainly not a journalist training behind him to lean on if you were interviewing someone.

The training as a photojournalist gives you a journalistic background, but the main part of the training is about learning to communicate in pictures, and to develop visual and photographic skills. You go through training at the school in theory and methods, and you have to go through an internship, for example. a newspaper, a magazine, a magazine or a picture agency.

Job Opportunities

After graduation, you can get a job as a press photographer at newspapers or as a photojournalist magazines, magazines and so on. Many work freelance.

Special admission requirements

There is no requirement that you must have a specific training in order to be admitted. You must contrast pass an entrance exam, which requires that you have a thorough knowledge society and knowledge of the main developments culturally, socially, economically and politically.

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