Defence Basic Education

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Defence Basic Education

Basic training in the military is the equivalent of a military service. This is where boys become men. This is where you separate the wheat from the chaff. See what you are made of and select one of the following basic education. Be a real man today. (Or woman if you are of the opposite sex)

There are three basic training in the Army:
- The Air Force basic training
- The Navy basic training
- Army basic training

Basic training is designed to prepare you for it as the military has in store. While it is a real education that you need to be able to take any of the other programs in the military, it is also a taste of life in the military. Therefore it is not expected that you already sharpshooter or can run the Cooper Test within the time prescribed.

Basic education is a bit like a high school stay where you live together with other like-minded people, eat with them and have some good, hard and exciting experiences with them.

With basic training you will be able to engage in tasks designed to ensure the total defense of Denmark.

The Air Force basic training

Air Force Basic Training is principally into the training in basic military training and field training. At the same time, you become trained in rescue, fire fighting and first aid.

The purpose of this training is to give you a preliminary knowledge of the individual soldier's participation in various types of tasks. This relates both to actual military operations and peacekeeping / peacemaking operations abroad.

Training takes place in Karup.

The Navy basic training

The Navy Basic Education yesterday primarily on training in basic military training. Included guard duty, first aid, fire fighting and training in the use of handguns. There is also the program also a course in transferring speedboats and a røgdykkerkursus. Do you take your basic training at the Royal Yacht takes 9 months.

Training takes place in Frederikshavn.

Army basic training

If you choose to take the Army's basic training in the Life Guards, take the 8 months. Cavalry Squadron takes 12 months.

Army Basic Training is principally into the training in basic military training and field training. At the same time, you become trained in rescue, fire fighting and first aid. In addition, you will learn to camp and obtain supplies, so if you have been scouting you have some advantages there.

When you have finished Basic Training can begin on actual programs at the defense, for example. reaction forces, or train yourself to international service.

Job Opportunities

The Navy Basic Education provides the basis to educate themselves in defense. Basic education is thus required in order to commence most other programs by the defense.
You get as a conscript free transport to and from your place of employment.

Special admission requirements

admission Requirements

Training Duration and course
Duration: 4 months.

71 hours - Service Knowledge
70 hours - Field Training
56 hours - Småstyrkes battle
23 hours - Total Defence
30 hours - Protection Training
42 hours - First
69 hours - Fire and rescue
25 hours - Educational opportunities in the Army
236 hours - Special Education