If you love classic barbecue and are in Aalborg, then we have the obvious place for you to buy your next meal. The fountain in Aalborg is perfect for those who love barbecue in all shadows. Whatever it is, a spicy burger or a delicious grilled chicken, you can find this at Fountain. The fountain is located at Prinsensgade 42 in Aalborg. Take a stroll here if you want to have a good game of barbecue home.

The menu offers something for every barbecue lover. In addition, the prices are on the cheap end and you can get a burger for just under £ 35. Therefore, it is definitely SU friendly to choose to have food at the Fountain in Aalborg. However, it is not a small selection that you will find at the Fountain. If you love burger, you can enjoy it, as at the time of writing, there are as many as 13 choices just under their burger category. If you want to get your burger as a menu served with french fries and a 0.25 liter of soda, then you will end up with just £ 70 for this menu, which is clearly an advantageous price as well.

If you want something other than a burger, there is also plenty of opportunity at Fountain. If you are into other classic barbecue dishes, you can benefit from a hot dog, either in red, toasted or French. The menu also offers other dishes such as fish fillet, steak bernaise, chicken, spring rolls, toast, pita, french fries and various mixes such as sausage mix, kebab mix and nugget mix. Among drinks, you can get soda, cocio, cand and beer, whatever you want to rinse your barbecue food with.

If you have a lot of hunger, we recommend you order Monster Bacon Cheese, which the Fountain has been promoting at the time of writing on the homepage of their website. Here you will see a large, delicious and flavourful burger that will definitely suit your taste if you love cheese and bacon in your burger.

The study buddies and you can benefit from taking a stroll past the Fountain if you are in Aalborg, and need a good game of barbecue in a centrally located Aalborg at a good price.


Prinsensgade 42

Contact info

Telefon: 98 16 17 02

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 11.30 - 21.00


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