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Fitness World is a nationwide fitness chain with many fitness facilities in its many centers around the country and is Denmark's largest fitness center. Their centers are located across the country, so as a student it is especially advantageous to be a member of Fitness World if you want a place to train, as their centers are located in the various study cities. In the larger cities there are rarely particularly far to the nearest center, which is clearly an advantage. Fitness World in Odense is also located in a wide variety of locations, so wherever you live in the city, you don't have to drive far until you find your nearest Fitness World center.

At Fitness World, there is room for everyone: the experienced, novice, those who love fitness, those who are strength trainers and everything in between. At the time of writing, Fitness World has almost half a million members in Denmark and therefore their centers are extremely popular. In their many centers you will find a large selection of machines, teams and weights and lots of equipment that allows you to easily tailor your training according to your wishes. If in doubt about anything, you can always ask their staff who would like to help you get started with your training. In addition, it is possible to join a personal trainer in Fitness World if you want a good start or if you want a change in your workout. Here you can get help to achieve your personal goals.

In Fitness World, they have team training for every age group and every form of training. Whatever you want to dance, get trained strength or maybe get stretched out in a game of yoga, you will find this in your local center. Among other things, you can choose between teams dealing with either body & mind, move & dance, power & performance, ready & fit, speed & sprint and sweat & burn. There are therefore a lot of teams that are right for you. For example, if you love workouts that focus on breathing, agility and inner calm, then teams like pilates, yoga or bodyflow will be a perfect fit for you. If, however, you are passionate about training full of energy, choreography and high spirits, Latin, step, zumba, retro or funk may be for you. If you are the type full of willpower, endurance and strength, boxing, power cross or HIT can definitely be recommended for you. If you lack motivation, strength and guidance, this is something you get on the teams like circular training and "get started". If you are training with pace, endurance and high intensity, the many spinning teams will probably suit you or perhaps one of their running teams. In the end, if you want a team of energy, strength and high combustion to get the most out of your time at the center, you may want to choose their heart rate strength, tighten up, bodyfit or any other team where you really get tested and gets sweat on his forehead. Here you are helping to create Denmark's coolest team training, then you can try this at Fitness World, which certainly creates the right framework for the perfect team training.

If you love delicious workout products such as energy drinks, protein shakes protein bars or other delicious, then you can benefit by signing up for “All In” in the fitness world with your subscription. With All In you can take a product from the All In range every time you are in fitness. If you exercise every day, you can save a lot of money on these products, as at the time of writing you only give £ 119 for this. That is, if you train 30 times in one month, you will therefore receive 30 products for just 119 kroner. If you are the type who loves supplementing your workout and frequently visits the fitness center, you can benefit from signing up for All In and saving a lot of money. In addition, it feels like a delicious reward after your workout that you can just grab a delicious product home. Their All In products consist of Fitness World's own products by the Functional brand, which has a wide variety of supplements to choose from.

Want to attend training in a center where a hundred thousand members are already satisfied? Here you can train in different ways and switch between your workoutsso you never get tired of your workout. Whatever you want to train on your own, with your study buddies or on teams, there are many different ways to train in Fitness World. Everyone is welcome here at any level, and if you live in a student village, it is not far to the nearest center, no matter where you are. Here you have the opportunity to get the body you wanted, join a good community or just get some exercise into your everyday life, no matter what your ambition with the training is. Whether it is fitness, strength or team that appeals to you, you will find it all here. Therefore, Fitness World is the obvious center for those who are looking for a versatile workout.


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