With Fit4Drive get a driving school offering driving license (category B) and recovery of the driving license.

When you take the driver's license at Fit4drive you get a good experience to sit behind the wheel and being out in traffic. It is important for driving teachers that you get a good start when you need a driving license and therefore you get a good education in a safe and comfortable environment with dedicated driving instructors.

There are many advantages to take your driver's license at the driving school Fit4Drive including, among others;

· Theory of Education in comfortable rooms in both Aarhus C and Odder.

· Central location, easy to get to by bike, by bus and train.

· They teach you to be a capable and responsible driver - so you can pass the first time.

· They make sure that you get home safely after your lesson with dark drive.

Also offers Fit4drive competitive prices, click onto their website and read more.

Fit4drive also offers English classes - Fit4drive også offers driving lessons and theory lessons in english - so hey what are you waiting for!

Call: 22 22 03 30 and learn more about your road to a driving license!


Teorilokale: Spanien 65
8000 AarhusHøjgårdsvej 9a
8300 Odder
Odder fitnes center, 1 sal)

Contact info

Telefon: 22 22 03 30


Opening Hours

Hverdage mellem 09.00 - 17.00 

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