Express Pizza

Express Pizza

Express Pizza & Cafe bakes whole wheat pizzas with a coarser bottom, healthy fillings and good taste. Takeout dining spot also has regular pizzas and fast food on the menu.

For Express Pizza & Cafe on Mimersgade 102 in Copenhagen N about 5 min. from Nørrebro Station. Specializing in large pizzas and a variety of fast-food meat dishes, then Express Pizza & Cafe is great place to order dinner or a snack from., Express pizza, nørrebro

The menu

The kitchen at Express Pizza & Cafe makes basically most pizzas and has on several occasions been highlighted as "Nørrebro's best pizzeria". A new feature on the menu, then bake Express Pizza & Cafe wholemeal pizzas with a bnud of wholemeal and liberally coated with fresh ingredients. Besides pizza, then Express Pizzaria & Cafe burgers, durum, meat dishes, inbagt pizza, rice dishes, pita bread, pasta, salads and much more on the menu.

Express Pizzaria & Cafe's menu

You can see a selection of the most popular orders:

Torino (Whole grains) - Tomato, cheese, kødstrimler, mushrooms and onions
Mafiosa (Whole grains) - Tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms, paprika, chili and garlic
Mexicana (Wholegrain) - Tomato, cheese, meat sauce, paprika and chili
Cheeseburger - Served with tomato, cucumber, onion, iceberg, salad mayonnaise and ketchup
Mexican Burger - Served with tomato, cucumber, onion, iceberg, jalapenos, salad mayonnaise and ketchup
Dürümrulle Chicken - Tomato, cucumber, onion, iceberg and dressing
Nachos w. Chicken - With cheddar, olives, sour cream, salsa, dressing
Lamb chops - With french fries, salad, bearnaise sauce
Fillet of veal - With mushrooms, cream sauce and french fries
Rice Kødstrimler - Kødstrimler in cream sauce, rice and salad dressing
Tortellini Della Casa - With ham, mushrooms, tomato-cream-sauce
Falafel - With lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion and dressing
Greek Salad - With lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, peas, corn, feta cheese, olives and dressing


The delivery time of Express Pizzaria & Cafe is short and even on Friday night and on weekends do not wait very long for your order. Obviously you can always stop by take-away instead and pick up your order. You can order your food from Express Pizzaria & Cafe online

Book online

You can also call and order by phone:

35 83 83 85

Student Discounts

You can get 10% discount on all orders placed before noon. 23.00 if you register as a member of Express Pizza & Cafe. It is free to join and only requires a password and username.


Mimersgade 102
2200 København N

Contact info

Telefon: 35 83 83 85

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 11.45 - 23.00


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