European Youth

European Youth

European Youth is a nonpartisan association that works to increase understanding and interest in the European Union among young people in Denmark.

The organization is run by young people and the organization's activities are for the most part, on the basis of an unpaid efforts of its members. Activities are everything from courses and debates of study tours for active læserbrev production.

Political spans members far on the political left-right scale, and we represent everything from skeptical EU supporters to federalists. Common is that we all believe that European cooperation is necessary to solve many of today's global problems. Denmark is today without the influence of very important policy areas in the EU, we have four EU opt-outs, which greatly obstruct Denmark's involvement in the EU. European Youth wants the reservations to vote so that Denmark can participate fully in European cooperation.

The Spirit

In 1973, Denmark joined the EEC and this took the European Youth begins.

The association was formed first under the name Young European Federalists, and had the same purpose as today: to make Europe a greater proportion of young Danes consciousness so that Denmark's long-term pro-active and integral part of European cooperation.

Since unification in 1995 was kick-started, the European Youth evolved to become a politically strong and viable association with many different activities.


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1970 Frederiksberg

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European Youth
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