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People who demonstrate integrity, respect and cooperation.
People with energy, enthusiasm and the courage to take the lead.
People who build relationships by doing the right thing.

Our values ​​define who we are. They are the foundation of our global organization. They control our attitudes and behavior. They affect the way we work - and the way we serve our clients and engage in the community.

Every day, take each one of us choices and decisions that have a direct impact on the way we experience each other, and the way in which our customers and the external experience us. Our values ​​give us a common ground, to ensure that we all act on the same principles as we make these decisions - above all in our global organization.

Every year we mark the way we live our values, give someone a Chairman's Values ​​Award. With this award, we give our employees the opportunity to recognize their colleagues who particularly live our values ​​every day. This is an important step in building our common culture, which is rooted in our strong focus on our values.


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