Elisabeth Munksgaard Foundation

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Projects and other activities

Application deadline

1st quarter


The fund provides financial support to students and young graduates in subjects prehistoric archeology and classical archeology and ancient history.


Aid is granted only if it can be proved that the project is otherwise fully financed. There must be enclosed budget. Applications without budget will not be processed. Wanted publishing support attached professional assessment or assurance of admission in journal or series.

How to apply for the scholarship?

Application forms are available at the National Museum's website, www.natmus.dk (Organisation, appropriations and funds). Application form is mandatory and hand-written applications are not accepted. Applications must be submitted electronically and must be received before 1 October at. 12:00 e-mail munksgaard@natmus.dk. Responses to requests emitted d. Dec. 23.


1 October at. 12:00


Are awarded scholarships usually up to 50,000 kr., Primarily as expenses in connection with: o Research (Masters and PhD studies in the above mentioned fields) o publication of research, including doctoral theses o students and younger candidates travel and study visits, as well as other expenses related to research.