EUC Zealand

EUC Zealand is a good place to be and a good place to learn. What in any case itself.

It is a collection of professional, technical college and continuing education.

It is located in southern Zealand, where there are 4 institutions distributed in Køge, Haslev, Naestved and Vordingborg.

The educational institutions have a partnership with business, and especially focus on construction and energy industry, whereby it is also companies like InnoBYG and Dong is with the cooperation list.

Although each school operates as an independent unit, so buying the main thing in together, to streamline and optimize procurement prices and gain economies of scale.

Most of the students come straight from school.


EUC Sjælland, Jagtvej 2, 4700 Næstved

Contact info

Fax: 55 75 33 50
Tlf: 55 75 33 00

Opening Hours

man-tors 08.00-15.00 og fredag 08.00-14.00


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