Donut Shopping DK

Donuts have become hugely popular in Denmark, which is for good reason. There are many delicious donuts with a wealth of delicious toppings that can satisfy both a sweet tooth and which are not least super -friendly ! If you are a fan of donuts in all colors of the rainbow and with different flavors of the world, then you should definitely make your way past Donut Shoppen DK in Aalborg on Boulevard 40.  

The donut shop was started by friends Deshman Dallas and Nikilan   Thisaiananthan , and the store opened on May 30 , 202 0. Even before opening hours, the queue in front of the store was long, indicating that the donut shop has been long awaited among the North Jews . In addition to the long queue, the couple had no fewer than 500 pre-orders for the opening day, which must be said to indicate good prospects for the two business partners. And it is also their plan that Donut Shop DK should be found in most of Denmark's cities in the future.  

The two childhood friends have a great passion for donuts and for the dessert table on the whole . They now pass that love on to other donut lovers . The great passion for donut s also means that you can always be sure to bring the most delicious donuts home. There are always 10 different variants with different toppings and glaze to choose from when you visit the store. Every week, two are exchanged, so there are always new good excuses to take a stroll past the store!  

The donuts are delivered to the store every single day, so you will always get a fresh and delicious donut when you increase the Donut Shop DK.  

When you visit the store you will experience a place where everyone is welcome and where it is nice and nice to be. If you want to enjoy a donut right away, instead of going home, there is the opportunity. For example, you can Sit and study or read a book while enjoying your donut and something to drink.   

Behind the counter you will find various variants such as: SourB omb , OreoB omb , TwixyB omb , Toff eeB omb , KinderB omb , SnickyB omb and SugarBa-contrast = "auto"> omb . SourB omb is adorned with both sour cream and sour candy, so if you love sour candy, this donut is definitely for you. If you are more into Snickers , SnickyB omb is definitely a donut for you. If you are into donuts with a filling, do not cheat yourself for trying an OreoB omb filled with va nil fill or a TwixyB omb filled with caramel filling.  

So you can't control your mouth water now? Then you should definitely take a stroll past Donut Shop DK in Aalborg. You can buy 1 donut for 25 kroner, but you can not choose from the many delicious donuts that are looking at you, then there is also the possibility to get a tray of 6 pcs. or with 12 pieces. for respectively. So, there is a good chance to taste a little of it all, and you do not have to compromise your need to taste the many different delicious donuts with the world's toppings!  

With almost 3,000 likes on Facebook , Donut Shop DK has definitely become a popular place in a relatively short time. They have managed to fulfill an unconscious desire of the many northern Jews, and have made it a habit to grab a donut every now and then. On their Instagram profile you can be inspired by the many different beautiful donuts, but beware! Once you start following them, it will be difficult for you to make your mouth water stop running again! But then it is good that you can always find a good reason to take a stroll past the Donut Shop DK!  


Boulevarden 40
9000 Aalborg 

Contact info

Telefon: 60 19 12 24 

Opening Hours

Mandag - torsdag: 10.00 - 19.00
Fredag - lørdag: 10.00 - 20.00
Søndag: 10.00 - 19.00


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