If you want to eat pizza from an international pizza chain in Copenhagen, then Dominos might be the place for you. Dominos in Copenhagen is located at the address of Nørrebro at the address Nørrebrogade 177. Here you have ample opportunity to put together your own pizza, choosing both the bottom, topping and cheese you want on your pizza. This way you can customize your pizza to fit you and your wishes perfectly.

Anytime you fancy pizza during the day, it's almost possible to get pizza no matter what. Whether it's for breakfast (maybe if you have a hangover after a day in the city with your study buddies yesterday), for dinner or maybe for a late dinner, this is possible. Dominos in Copenhagen at Nørrebro is open from 11am - 11pm every day.

At Dominos you have ample opportunity to find a pizza that suits you. Their many options make it easy for you to find a pizza that suits your taste. Whatever it is because you are vegan, gluten allergy, love a lot of meat or something else, it is possible to find something for you here. Among other things, you can choose from their campaign, traditional, classic, favorites, vegan and gluten free options. Therefore, there is plenty to choose from when choosing a pizza at Dominos. If you want some delicious accessories or a good dessert, you will also find this on the menu card. Choose from their garlic bread, buffalo wings, chicken strips or maybe a thick shake with vanilla, chocolate or strawberries. If you are in the mood for a delicious dessert, you can choose between cinnamon bread, soaking chocolate cake or a chocolate chip cookie - it all definitely helps to get your mouth watering! If you fancy ice cream, you can also buy delicious ice cream from Ben & Jerry's!

If Nørrebro is not close to you, but you still want to eat pizza from Dominos, then you may want to check out what other places in the country Dominos restaurants can be found. Read more here if you are interested in finding out where in the country Dominos is.

If you love delicious pizzas, you should definitely check out Dominos. At the time of writing, Dominos is unfortunately only to be found in Zealand. However, there are plans that you will later be able to buy Domino's pizzas in several of the Danish cities. So keep an eye on this news if you want to taste a Dominos pizza outside of Zealand.

Take the study buddies under your arm for a good pizza at a cheap and SU friendly price. In addition, Dominos often has many promotions that often allow you to get cheap pizzas with a good taste. The prices are already very clear, so as a student you can definitely order food from here if you have a craving for pizza.


Nørrebrogade 177
2200 København

Contact info

Telefon: 73 70 71 26

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 11.00 - 23.00