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With Your My Traffic you can get a driving license for both cars and motorcycles. Your My Traffic is known to give your students a good experience right from the start. In their handsome hands, you know that you are safe and secure in traffic and that you do not endanger yourself or others.

The best results are achieved through mutual trust. For the same reason, you can choose the driving instructor you want with Your My Traffic. Then you are sure that you get a driving instructor with whom you have good chemistry and where the trust is great.
Since you pay for driving licenses, the company focuses on quality for all the money. The theory and driving instruction is therefore well-planned and well planned, so you get a concentrated and profitable teaching that equips you to pass both the theory and the first test.
Your driving instructor will work hard for the first time. As the only driving school in Denmark, Your My Traffic has introduced a reward scheme for those driving instructors whose students manage to pass both the theory and driving test in the first attempt. You can therefore be sure that the drivers are fighting for your existence.

As teaching is in advance of your tests, it is important that it works best for you, and that makes your My Traffic the best that it will probably happen. For the same reason, theory and practical teaching are combined. That way, you can try the things that you learn in theory from in practice. Before you can proceed to the next lesson in the series, you must have completed the previous lesson satisfactorily.
Should you take a break for more than 3 months from the classroom, you have to restart. This is to ensure that your teaching process works best. You will therefore be well informed from the start, and Your My Traffic will do their best to meet your expectations.


Amagerbrogade 73, 2300 København S

Contact info

Telefon: 70 23 00 70

Opening Hours

Man - Tors: 13.30 - 17.30

Man - Tors: 10.00 - 17.30
Fredag: 10.00 - 17.00


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