The Royal Library

The Royal Library

The Royal Library, the National Library and Copenhagen University was founded as a university in 1482 and as a national library in the 1648th

The Royal Library works for education, research and information in present and future.

The Royal Library is Denmark's national library and university library of the University of Copenhagen.

As national library manages the institution of the national heritage of both Danish and foreign origin in the form of published works (books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets), manuscripts, documents, maps, pictures, photographs and music in conventional and digital form. The institution provides the best possible access to the collections of contemporary conditions for research, studies and experiences, while the collections to be maintained, safeguarded and handed down to posterity. As a museum and cultural institution intermediary National Library of knowledge and experiences on the basis of tasks and collections.

As national library performs institution research in the library's tasks, functions, subjects and collections.

As a university institution is the main library for the University of Copenhagen and providing professional and scientific library services at the highest level in support of education and research. In addition, provide the information resources available to the public, including industry and the public sector.

The legal basis for the Royal Library is set out in the Finance Act. There are separate legal basis for legal deposit (Act no. 1439 of 22 December 2004), anti-theft, L 248, 8/6 1978 research, Law no. 224 of 27/3 1996.

The Royal Library will be among the leaders of national and university libraries in Europe by

  • to simplify, streamline and expand access to and use of the institution and its resources
  • continues through national and international cooperation and partnerships to develop the hybrid system of national and university library
  • developing the organization in view of the rapid changes in knowledge production and dissemination of knowledge convergence of different media types
  • to develop the digital infrastructure for Danish research.

The Spirit

These are the main points of a story about two libraries that became one.

The University Library has existed for more than 500 years and has been divided a few times. The Royal Library has existed for more than 300 years, but it has mostly been kept together.

In 2005 sammenlagdes University Library and the Royal Library into one institution with the name: "The Royal Library, the National Library and Copenhagen University." The goal was - and is - to strengthen and coordinate the library services of the University of Copenhagen. This is the two libraries together into one large institution.

Liberihuset 1553-1652.
This was the Copenhagen University
library first actual library building

The Black Diamond 1999.
This is the Royal Library
latest newbuilding on Slotsholmen

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