The Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law

At the Faculty of Law will find training Jura which qualifies you to become a lawyer, jurist, and the like. job profiles.

Law school contains both a bachelor program and a master's program.

Bachelor part takes three years and gives you a thorough introduction to the principles that apply in our rule. You learn scientific methods to solve legal problems, and a significant part of the training is the "professional" lawyers - in other words, teachers who work everyday with legal issues such as a lawyer or corporate lawyer. At the bachelor will get acquainted with the 14 subjects including: international law, family and inheritance law, legal history, property law, EU law, property law and many more interesting subjects. Candidate section is available after you have passed the 3-year bachelor program.

Candidate section in the Jura is a 2 year program's aim is to expand your knowledge of basic education and vocational proper training so that you can search job profiles as a lawyer-student, corporate lawyer and other profiles involving legal issues.

About the Faculty

The Faculty of core services, research, education and communication. The faculty currently. about 75 faculty members, about 40 PhD students and about 80 administrative employees. In addition, up to 450 part-time teachers who contribute to teaching. There are more than 4000 students in legal education, including about 300 foreign students. The faculty has a total annual budget of about 120 million. kr.

The weight of the legal research has traditionally been on the study of national law. In all areas of the law is the knowledge of the rules in other countries and to international and national law is increasingly important. Danish law is influenced from the outside, and Danish lawyers are working increasingly with the interaction between Danish law and other legal orders. Basic Faculty has a social commitment to research and teach in Danish law for the development of practical legal life. In light of internationalization, this commitment also the interaction between Danish and international law. The link between theory and practice to be strengthened to include in virtue of the large number of part-time lecturers have their main business outside the university, be it at police, courts, ministries, agencies, or in the legal profession, whereby teachers' practical experience comes Faculty students alike.


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The Faculty of Law
The Faculty of Law