The Rustic

Is a small cozy French-inspired restaurant in the Aarhus Latin Quarter, which almost leads you to Paris with its small, cozy French streets with cafes on every street corner.

The concept of Rustic is that you can get delicious French food for almost no money. It also means that the menu changes almost every day as it is made from the best ingredients the restaurant can get home from day to day. So even if you come for two consecutive days, you can have two completely different flavors. The menu is determined during the morning and then appears on the website. The Rustik has open twice during one day, for lunch from 11.30-15.00 and in the evening from 17.00-21.30. At lunch costs a starter 55, - a main course 145, - and a dessert 55, -. You can also choose a 2-course for 165, - or a 3-course to 185, -. In addition, you can choose between a selection of salads and a handful of French specialties. The evening menu changes as mentioned earlier so you are surprised every time you come. Here you can get a 3-course to 185, and a lot of delicious French wines to. For 165, you can buy a glass of wine for each dish, carefully selected for food. There is a selection of white wine, red wine and dessert wine and if there is a wine on the wine list that falls more in your taste, you can buy glass or, if it's extra festive, a bottle.

Although the food changes from day to day, it is possible to order food from the house if you are a company of over 10 people. If you want a special menu out of the house, it may also be done, just you are out on time. In addition, it is possible to keep a company at Den Rustikke, as they have large rooms that can accommodate more than 80 people.

If you want to hear more and enter the cozy rooms, whether it's like a regular dinner or as a host of a company, you are always welcome to contact the restaurant. You can do this by phone or their website, here you can also book a table and read the menu of the day. So hurry up to see what is on the menu today, so you may have to pass The Rustic already this evening.


Mejlgade 20, Aarhus C

Contact info

Tlf.: 86 12 00 95

Opening Hours

Frokost: 11.00-15.00
Aften: 17.00-21.30


The Rustic's website