National Performing Arts School

National Performing Arts School

Do you have an actor in the stomach or would you like to live to dance? Or perhaps you dream of becoming a stage manager? At the National Arts School in Copenhagen, they have all the facilities and programs in these areas, and more so you can be anything you want in the arts and stage performance.

National Performing Arts School, which is also known as the Danish Stage Art School has until 31 August 2012 been known as the National Theatre School. In fact, the school has even worked as an apprentice school for the Royal Theatre in the last century.

In Denmark, we have had a long tradition of art and performing arts, and the school is among the best in Europe in this area. Many modern action arising out of the school, which is subsequently used for further development and innovation in the industry.

As an actor in Denmark, it has always been one of the most significant educational institutions to be trained if you wanted to tread the boards on the boards.

It is a great heritage National Performing Arts School bears and they therefore need the brightest pupils can pass this legacy.

There are many opportunities to get to high if you are really passionate about it.


National Performing Arts School has a pedagogical values, which are based on the student. It is one of the foundations for the student to work independently and show commitment and enthusiasm throughout the process of education.

It is also important for the school to give students an understanding of the relationship across the curriculum to create a whole that promotes the artistic result.

There are 11 different programs all of which takes 4 years. These courses have yet status as a bachelor or master's degree, but it is working on, as the school would like to offer its students an education that is comparable to other programs across Europe.

The school educates both actors , directors , set designers , stage managers , production managers , sound and lighting technicians , modern dancers , choreographers , dance intermediaries and accompanists for dance and also provides training for professional performers. Continuing education offers are short courses, workshops or seminars.

The school places great emphasis on equipping students for a life as a professional. Potential employers from the professional performing arts environment are therefore invited to watch most productions of the superstructure.


actor training

instructor training


National Performing Arts School
National Performing Arts School
National Performing Arts School
National Performing Arts School