Delicious - Sandwich & Juice

Do you want to get a delicious sandwich or juice, either to go with and eat on the go or a place where you can sit and enjoy it in the heart of Kolding? Then visit Delicious Sandwich & Juice at the address Gråbrødregade 4! Here you have the opportunity to get sandwiches or salad, which you completely choose all the contents of. From drinking you can either get a refreshing juice, smoothie or milkshake. At Delicious, they are open all days of the week from 11 - 20, so whatever you want for late breakfast, dinner or dinner, this is possible!

You can completely decide for yourself what you want in your sandwich from Delicious. In this way, your sandwich will be tailored exactly to what you like. First you choose which bread you want, then lubricate and then what protein / meat you want. After this you choose which fillings you want in your sandwich, and finally choose a dressing. There is therefore ample opportunity to try out a lot of different flavor combinations when you choose to have your own sandwich composed from Delicious.

At Delicious they describe themselves as a playground, where they create a lot of delicious sandwiches, bagels and various drinks. Delicious was established in 2013 as they love food here. The food is made of fresh ingredients, and the service is of high quality, and that there is love in any of their sandwiches. They describe their sandwich as mother used to make them. Therefore, you can safely say that you get a delicious meal when you choose to visit Delicious. If you want to visit Delicious, but are not in Kolding, you can also find Delicious in Vejle and Esbjerg.

The prices are extremely student friendly, and therefore we from can definitely recommend visiting Delicious if you want a delicious meal with student-friendly prices in Kolding. You can get a sandwich for just 55 kroner, and if you only want half a sandwich, you can get this for just 30 kroner. If you want a salad you just have to spend 40 kroner for a small and 50 kroner for a big one.

Whatever you want a place where you can sit and enjoy your lunch or just want a lunch you can take with you, then you can get this at Delicious. With their good location in the middle of Kolding town, it is not difficult to pass a slipway if you are already in the city. So if you want a delicious meal at extremely student-friendly prices, then you've come to the right place.


Gråbrødregade 4, 6000 Kolding

Contact info

Telefon: +4532183434

Opening Hours

Alle dage 11.00-20.00