Danish Sprogseminarer

Danish Sprogseminarer

Danish Sprogseminarer primarily provides seminars on linguistic issues, but covers both Danish, English and German subjects. Danish Sprogseminarer holds seminars in Copenhagen and Aarhus and curriculum building varies little from season to season. The seminars typically last a day or two.


Sprogseminarer is a very good supplement and offers for students and adults who want to improve disciplines such as grammar, linguistic correctness, comma phrase, proofreading, punctuation and so on. The language seminars as Danish Sprogseminarer offer is mainly directed to the Danish language, but also taught intensively written English - including grammar, proofreading, spelling, punctuation and a general command of written English. Sprogseminarer is not just spelling and grammar, but also enhancing size of properties within or introduction to, f. Ex:

legal language
Job application
Annual reports and accounts
medical texts
Presentation with PowerPoint
language Network
Ease online
website optimization
Tools for webmasters

The target group

The target group for language seminars are all the companies that prioritize linguistic competence of their employees. The target group is mainly the employees who need to get better at written communication - whether it's in Danish, English, German or online. Danish Sprogseminarer also holds numerous internal language seminars for employee groups and business employees.


Teaching is handled by competent teachers, drawing on many years of practical experience. During a year makes Danish Sprogseminarer use of about 40 teachers and lecturers who are all well trained and have many years of relevant teaching experience. Instructors come from both Danish and foreign universities, business schools and leading companies.


Turbinevej 26
3150 Hellebæk

Contact info

Telefon: 38 88 09 12
E-mail: info@sprogseminar.dk


Danish grammar and linguistic correctness

Improve your English skrives

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English proofreading


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Danish Sprogseminarer
Danish Sprogseminarer
Danish Sprogseminarer
Danish Sprogseminarer