Danish grammar and linguistic correctness

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Education Institution Danish Sprogseminarer
Danish grammar and linguistic correctness

In order to feel like a rock-language user must have basis in order and know the structural aspects of the language.

Grammatical skills expands the linguistic consciousness. And then it's fun to look spelling rules in the eyes! Here you see both how and why, when it comes to the correct script.

Some people see only typos and incorrect grammar word order when they read a text, and will therefore not have the message in if there are too many errors. If you send a text to anyone and will be sure that they focus on the message rather than spelling errors, so you have the opportunity to train your skills on this course.

Although you may once class undisputed best for spelling and grammar, so things may well have evolved little since the days when the language is constantly changing. Even comma rules have changed several times over the last 20 years.

In 2003, the Danish Language Council together with the Ministry of Culture to turn the traditional comma (the old noughts and crosses-point from 1918) together with the new command. Today we have only one comma (revised grammatical comma) with optional start point. At this seminar you get undergone Language Board's recommendation for. Comma sentence.

In addition to the rule of optional start point gets you through all of comma rules so you become a more confident language user. Your teacher is the leading comma geek. He has just written a thesis about punctuation and here worked with an approach that simultaneously simplifies, normalizes and nuance to the decimal point.

When it comes to spelling you get examined and shown what is to make a text less successful. With this knowledge you already have improved to see what it takes to make a good text.

The theory is followed up with short writing exercises on PC. You must learn to rewrite passive spellings for active and rewrite it unnecessarily complicated for easier language and you need to practice in firming up a text to make it more clear and understandable.

Language development is highly dependent on the users. And therefore there will be more and more specific words and word order in the language that changes the way we see the correct way to write texts.

For example, include election posters, the advertising agency has shared the words wrong. Perhaps it on purpose to create a hype around it, maybe it's not on purpose, but because no one wanted to put hyphens between orddelingerne. But whatever created the attention that precisely is an ad agency wants to get.

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