Master of Science in Physics and Technology - Bachelors

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Odense SU berettiget Bachelors 3 year Gymnasiel University of Southern Denmark
City Odense
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Bachelors
Duration 3 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Education Institution University of Southern Denmark
Master of Science in Physics and Technology

With disciplines such as electronics and mathematics, you are well equipped to develop the newest form of products and technology in sound and materials. Areas of expertise covers optics, acoustics, nanotechnology, mathematics, physical, and other exciting science education. There are 3 specific professional profiles associated with the program:

* Academic Profile in acoustics: This academic profile deals with sound and noise, as well as how sounds occur and are perceived by humans.

* Academic Profile in optics: Optics is about the interaction between light and color. Optics also deals with laser technology.

* Academic Profile of materials science and technology: Here you can, among other things deal with the latest revolution in natural science, namely nanotechnology.

Once you have acquired this knowledge, your world open to the great challenges in the technology sector. You will be able to understand the theories behind the technological elements of both, light, acoustics and nanotechnology and can then participate in a manufacturing or production of, among other products with solar cells, sensors and nanotechnology materials.

It is an education like this that the great new inventions arise. Not that they happen every day and it is not always in the university's first three years that the great discoveries are made, but it requires the knowledge you gain here, in order to proclaim a new product or invention in the course of your candidate. Or maybe go ahead with research or comes out in a business where they just need employees who think outside the box in terms of developing products that are composed of several of the above elements.

In addition to the smart technology areas you also get lessons in science so you can quantify the theories you learn. Mathematics and physics goes absolutely hand in hand with technology.

Job Opportunities

As Engineer, you have great potential to work in the profession You qualified in. Civil Engineers often come to work with design / development of new innovative products with the latest technology. Some Civil Engineers quickly gain a leadership position in private businesses and experiencing a larger responsibility. The pay is advantageous for most Civil Engineers. Some Civil Engineers choose to start their own businesses and large Danish companies like Oticon was founded by Civil Engineers.

Special admission requirements

Danish A-level English B level Maths A-level Physics A-level Chemistry B level