China Wok House

If you are in Aarhus and want some delicious Chinese food, then we have the obvious choice for you: China Wok House! The place here is Aarhus' oldest Chinese restaurant. Since their inception in 1976, they have served good food to their satisfied customers. China Wok House is located very centrally at the address Åboulevarden 64. With this delicious location directly on the river you are sure to have a nice view if you choose to eat the food in the restaurant. In addition, it is easy to get past here if you are in Aarhus.

In the restaurant you will find both a delicious buffet, a la carte dishes and take away. So whatever you want to have a delicious game of Chinese buffet food or you want to enjoy the food at home, it's possible here at China Wok House.

On the menu you will find, among other things, their lunch and evening buffet. Here is a large selection of different Chinese food. The lunch buffet costs less than 100 kroner, so if you really want to be satisfied for less than 100 kroner then this is an obvious choice for you. The selection is good and the amount of food is entirely up to you depending on your hunger. In the evening, the buffet is expanded with a lot of extra dishes, so if you want to experience several different Chinese dishes, you may want to enjoy their evening buffet. In the buffet you will find beef, pork, lamb, chicken, shrimp and a variety of vegetables, salad, rice and pasta.

In addition, you will find a large selection of assorted dim sum dishes, sushi, rice paper rolls, sashimi, china bowls and desserts. Furthermore, there is also a large selection of drinks at China Wok House. If you are into alcoholic drinks then you can choose from their various drinks, cognac, whiskey, beer, liqueur or wine. If, on the other hand, you are not into alcohol or just want something else to drink, there are of course also water, sodas and hot drinks that you can order. If you check out their website you will find their menu card where you can see between all their options.

If you just want to get something on the go, you can choose to have their food as a takeaway instead. China Wok House is very well known for their china boxes, which you can easily take on the go. Take friends under your arm, order a china box and sit down by the river where you can enjoy the food and the view together. The central location makes it advantageous for you and your friends to go here the next time you go out for dinner or if you just want to pick up something take away. In addition, it is extremely study-friendly to order one of their china boxes. So you get good food at a student-friendly price, which is clearly a win-win.


Åboulevarden 64

Contact info

Telefon: 86 12 69 23

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 11.00 - 22.00