Café Sidewalk

The cafe by the river where you always meet with a smile. Cafe Sidewalk is located right in the middle of the Åboulevarden, and here you are guaranteed a good cafe experience with the right and cozy atmosphere.


The good old

As you stroll along the creek and enjoy the buzzing, Aarhusian atmosphere, you should definitely take a walk past the Café Sidewalk. You can not help noticing it, there is always good atmosphere and happy people. Here you will find Sidewalks bids on the classic café dishes, as well as some extra gold grains on the menu. Like most other cafes in Aarhus, this course also offers a refreshing breakfast. All weekdays, you can enjoy the delicious breakfast buffet with homemade bread, fried liverpostejeg, yogurt, fruit, muesli, egg, 3 kinds of cold cuts, cheese, marmalade, biscuits and crispbread for only 39, -. The perfect start in the morning. Whether you come for brunch, lunch or dinner, you are sure to have a saturating experience. Cafe Sidewalk has a great selection of delights on their cards and all you have to do is choose. There is both the classic Club sandwich, Sidewalk's own burger and meat free versions for the vegetarian. If it's the little hunger you are trying to try, try one of Sidewalk's many "light dishes". Of course, the good old-fashioned nachos, and the always delicious oven-baked potatoes with chilimayo. At Sidewalk, there is the classic, but you can also try their creamy pumpkin soup with freshly baked bread or tapas board with extravagant little dishes. You will find guaranteed your own favorite.


A good start to the evening

Cafe Sidewalk is, with the amazing location and delicious food, without a doubt a great place to start a good evening. You can get a ton of wines and mouthwatering drinks both before, during and after your meal. On the menu you can see which wine or beer, which the Sidewalk proposes to your meal. For example, if you choose the rich seafood pasta, you can enjoy a refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc, a classic white wine from New Zealand. Otherwise, your waiter is always helpful in guiding you around the world of wine. As dessert you can embark in one of the sweet temptations, with a cold glass of dessert wine as an accessory. Cafe Sidewalk is open until 03 o'clock on weekends, so you and your friends have the opportunity to enjoy the lovely atmosphere in the late night hours. Enjoy!


Åboulevarden 56-58
8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 86 18 18 66

Opening Hours

Mandag - onsdag: 08.30 - 23.00
Torsdag: 08.30 - 00.00
Fredag: 08.30 - 03.00
Lørdag: 09.00 - 03.00
Søndag: 09.30 - 23.00


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