Café Frederiksberg

Café Frederiksberg

At Cafe Frederiksberg in Aalborg there's always something! Here you can visit one of Aalborg's biggest pubs, pub and music venue that offers draft beer and a delicious "Take yourself buffet", as well as lots of musical events for people of all ages.

Cafe Frederiksberg is a great pub in true English style with oak tables and a cozy interior. At Cafe Frederiksberg you will find a Aalborg's largest selection of single malt whiskeys and spirits. On the big screen, you can follow live sports events and you have free from work and feel like a game of billiards, then Cafe Frederiksberg tables to it.

Beer and whiskey

With the largest selection of single malt whiskeys and beers in Aalborg, so you are sure to find a "drink" that can quench your thirst. Especially Belgian beer is a hit at Cafe Frederiksberg, but both Danish classics and English beers are paramount. See a selection here:

Westmalle Dubbel - A full-bodied and round Abbey Ale Alc. 7.0% Trappistes Rochefort 6 - A rich, dark, very malt flavor and Hemlig blend of spices Alc. 7.5% Het Kapittel Pater - Abbey Ale with 2 flavors of hops slightly sweet flavor Alc. 6% Augustijn - Beautiful golden Abbey Ale with great body Alc. 8%

Party Menu

Although Café Frederiksberg primarily a pub and a music venue, so you can actually eat really nice and at reasonable prices. You can order a "festive menu" which is composed by velsmagene Danish open sandwiches and acts as a "Ta 'self-menu". See a selection here: Serving 1

White herring with curry salad
Cold cut platter with 3 cinder Spreads
Lun glazed ham
Salads with 2 dressings
Warm liver pate with bacon and mushrooms
Warm Chicken thighs with cucumber salad
Lune meatballs with potato salad
Cheese Serving with grapes and fruit

Live music

Cafe Frederiksberg often offer live music and well-known names such as Blow, Hard Copy and Haze has appeared at the venue to the delight of the guests. Twice a month can jazz enthusiasts ålborg presses enjoy live jazz and a delicious buffet for only 40 kr. Do you even with a small inner musician and feel your talents can withstand exposure on the boards, so that each Thursday join the Blues Jam Cafe Frederiksberg. Via Blues Jam can budding musicians perform live at Cafe Frederiksberg - just bring your own instruments, then the equipment will be placed at your disposal. All musicians get free beer.


Hadsundvej 1B
9000 Aalborg

Contact info

Telefon: 98 12 03 83

Opening Hours

Mandag - Onsdag: 07.00-02.00
Torsdag - Lørdag:  07.00-03.00
Søndag:                 07.00-24.00


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Café Frederiksberg
Café Frederiksberg
Café Frederiksberg