CK Driving School

On Kongelundsvej 37 in Copenhagen S lies CK driving school. It's a driving school where you can feel comfortable. The choice of which driving school you want to take your driving license means a lot. The course should be exciting, good and a safe experience that you can look back on with a smile on the lip.

CK Driving School is owned by Charlotte Knoblauch. She is a skilled driving instructor who is always well prepared and good at learning. It is important that you eventually become a skilled motorist who is prepared for different situations in traffic. The teaching will therefore take place at the board, where examples will be given, so you get an idea of ​​the theory in practice before you drive out. In addition, a good dialogue between instructors and students is important for a good course. The driving school's premises are spacious and inviting. They create the framework for a safe atmosphere, where there is room for asking all the questions along the way that you may need.

The prices for driving licenses (category B) offered by CK Driving School are different.

  • The first package contains theory education, maneuvering track, driving on the road and a driving technique course. The price is DKK 10,995.
  • The second package contains theoretical education, maneuvering, driving, roadmap, additional driving sections and password for theory education at the theory course. The prize is 11,995 kr.

It is important to keep in mind that all students are different and therefore the final price of your driving license may vary slightly.

The normal price of a driving period is 325 kr. But if you recommend CK Driving School to a friend or friend who starts at the driving school, you will get a driving section for just 1 kr.

You can sign up for a team start through CK Driveskole's own website or by phone.
If you have further questions, please read more on the CK Driving School website or contact the driving school by phone or email.


Kongelundsvej 37, 2300 København S

Contact info

Tlf.: 22 75 59 46


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