Bronuts Donuts Denmark

Do you have a sweet tooth and love donuts? If you live in Aarhus or the surrounding area, we have good news for you: you can get delicious donuts at Bronuts Donuts in Aarhus at Silkeborgvej 247! Here you can get delicious donuts in different shades and toppings of the world. Whether you're into caramel, chocolate, or anything else, you're sure to find a donut just for you at Bronuts Donuts.

Bronuts Donuts Denmark is opened by the two friends, Türker Alici and Ninos Oraha. This donut shop had a great success on social media even before it started, since before the store's opening in August 2019 they already had over 13,000. At the time of writing, this number has risen to as many as 25,000 followers, so it's easy to say that the Bronuts have great success on their social media platform. The owner started the shop, believing that there was a huge market for donuts, with people often yearning for something other than sweets and chocolates. The two friends themselves have a huge passion for donuts, so it was obvious to start this particular donut shop together. They strive to give customers a good experience as well as something delicious to their stomach.

Their donuts come in many different variations and you can choose from 16 to 18 different donuts. According to the owners, their donuts will be characterized by only the imagination setting the limits. This is evident in their selection of donuts, which are often varied, with their creations being extremely creative. For example, they have made variations of donuts with, for example, pickles, kitty cat, marshmallows, wine gum, milk cut, oreo, cheeks chocolate, licorice and much, much more. Some of their donuts are fixed on the menu and others are varied. Among other things, the owners use their Instagram to make sure their customers like their selection. Here they regularly post pictures of the day's selection to show it to their customers, while giving customers the opportunity to provide feedback.

It is clear that Bronuts customers are happy with the store, their service and their selection. Namely, daily photos are shared from customers with their donuts, which Bronuts choose to reshare on their own Instagram. In this way, there is a close relationship between the customers and the store, which also helps to strengthen their social media platform, which is important for the store.

For your donuts, you can, among other things, buy coffee and milkshake, which you can enjoy next to your delicious dessert. You can choose to buy your donuts to enjoy in the store itself, buy them home, or have them delivered with Wolt if you live nearby. Therefore, there is ample opportunity to get a delicious donut if you live in Aarhus or the surrounding area. These donuts are definitely worth experiencing, if you have a sweet tooth, come by this donuts shop and get a bite.


Silkeborgvej 247
8230 Aarhus

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Telefon: 34 11 11 14

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Mandag - søndag: 10.00 - 19.00