Housing Law and property management

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Housing Law and property management

Become familiar with leases, regulation of rent and get an overview of recent legislative changes in this area.

If you are working with rental of homes, either in a housing association, a housing association or private landlord, so it's always a good idea to know the laws in depth with respect to rental housing. As a legal secretary, real estate or social worker, it is also an absolute advantage to have good control of the traps that could be found within the property. However, it is not necessary to have any knowledge of tenancy prior to signing up for the course.

On the course you will be taught by well-trained lawyers who have 100% control over their substance in the field. You get as I said made you an overview of the entire housing Rent Act, which among other things are explained and taught about the form and content requirements are compared to a lease. You learn who's maintenance obligation and whether it is possible to adapt a contract from the norm without departing from the words of the law.

An important detail that underlies many disputes are shortcomings in the lease, found by occupation or occur during the rental period. You learn which response options landlord and tenant have about this. You will also be taught what possibilities there are to regulate the rent of each type of property, as well as special rules for small houses and the like.

Notification of improvements, as well as deposit, lease and moving out is also part of the areas that are affected in teaching. Last but not least you will be taught in the Rent Board and housing law competencies.

The course lasts just four days and you can register here.

If you would like enlargement in the form of commercial leases, you can sign up for supplementary course here. Besides the above, you also get lessons on disposal and reinstatement, and the use of corporate Rent Act. Enterprise Rent Legal course takes just a single day.

Job Opportunities

Administrative employee in a housing association property or private landlord.

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