Department of Biology

Department of Biology

Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen consists of 8 different departments.

They are as follows: Alger, cell biology and comparative zoology, evolutionary biology, freshwater biology laboratory, marine biological laboratory, microbiology, population biology and terrestrial ecology. Biology is a broad spectrum science where one learns about life's smallest components and nature's continuum, from the DNA to the biosphere. As a biology student you get a great overview and you can specialize in your area of ​​interest - whether you are most to the theory and white coats, or internship and rubber boots.


When we say "Biology - it's about LIFE" is not just to have a clever slogan. Everything we do on a daily basis, has for LIFE as a fulcrum.

-It Applies biologist working to conserve natural biodiversity and research into climate change and the future of the planet.

-It Applies biologist and biochemist who examines life's smallest components to understand the organisms complex systems.

-It Applies molecular biomedicineren developing new treatments for future serious diseases.

At the Department of Biology will get a broad education with lots of job opportunities. You put together your education after what you burn most of or seek a new path.


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Department of Biology
Department of Biology
Department of Biology