Beauty Camp

Do you want to visit a nice hairdresser located centrally in Kolding? Then you can take a walk past Beauty Camp at the address Søndergade 12! Beauty Camp is a hair salon that emphasizes professional treatments, good service and satisfied customers. Here you are assured of a highly professional service while sitting in the hairdressing chair, as well as leaving the salon with satisfaction and delicious hair.

The salon is beautiful and brightly decorated, and at the same time has an extremely professional and cozy atmosphere. As soon as you step in the door of the salon, you sense the professional atmosphere while being greeted by smiling staff who are ready to do something new for you and your hair. In addition to being a hairdressing salon, Beautycamp is actually a beauty salon of 140 sqm, which also houses the Sports Workshop. Therefore, in this house it is possible both to arrange your hair, your nails as well as to get treatments within physiotherapy.

The Beauty Camp salon has been around since 2010, and here is an honor to make their customers happy. Therefore, you can safely sit in the hairdressing chair here when you want competent guidance as well as a delicious and new hairstyle. In order to keep up with the latest trends and the latest knowledge and techniques within the hairdressing world, the hairdressers participate here regularly in courses. In this way, their professional and creative abilities are developed and are therefore extra equipped for you to give you a delicious treatment.

Beauty Camp even writes on their website that they have high ceilings and that everyone is welcome here in the salon. So whether you are young or old, male or female, there are treatments here that fall into your taste. Here are both women's clips, men's clips and children's clips so that the whole family can come here and get their hair fixed. In addition, the prices are extremely advantageous, and a women's clip with washing and grooming costs only DKK 280, which is a price most people can participate in. Therefore, the prices are thus student friendly, and at Studenterguiden we can definitely recommend this salon, to you as students who want to get out and get your hair arranged in professional surroundings at favorable prices.

Whatever you want to do with your hair, you can visit the Beauty Camp salon in Kolding. They are always ready with guidance and ideas when it comes to cutting and dyeing your hair. They say they can handle most things, and next, everything is possible with them - so why not test this statement and visit the salon?

With a location in the middle of the city in Kolding, the Beauty Camp is easy to get by if you are still a trip inside the city. So are you in the middle of Kolding, do you want a delicious new hairstyle in delicious surroundings with competent guidance and are you students, and want to get a student-friendly price on your new hairstyle? Then take a walk past Beauty Camp!


Søndergade 12, 6000 Kolding

Contact info

Telefon: 28 92 04 74

Opening Hours

Mandag - onsdag: 08.30-16.00
Torsdag: 08.30-19.00
Fredag: 08.30-16.00
Lørdag - søndag: lukket