Barber Vesterå

Barber Vesterå

Barber Vesterå has over forty years serviced of Aalborg. Time is probably different today than it was forty years ago but Barber Vesterå maintains the high quality and personal service.

The salon has always focused on the customers feel good and get exactly the hair they want. They spend much time on the client, and ensures that every customer feel at the center.

At The Barber Vesterå they know that customers' hair is very different. Therefore, they have also always several different types of products on their shelves so all customers can get their needs met. Frisørene are of course ready to advise you on your particular hair.

All ages are welcomed in the salon, too Students are welcomed in the salon, with the promise of a good result to follow.

Barber Vesterå


Vesterå 11
9000 Aalborg

Contact info

Telefon: 98 13 62 30

Opening Hours

Mandag - Torsdag:
kl. 09.00-17.30

kl. 09.00-19.00

Lørdag: Lukket


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Barber Vesterå