African Studies

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen SU berettiget Bachelors, Masters 2 year Bachelor University of Copenhagen
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Bachelors, Masters
Duration 2 year
Admission Requirements Bachelor
Education Institution University of Copenhagen
African Studies

"TIA This is Africa" ​​says Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) in the film Blood Diamond. The idea is that everything you see, feel, sense and learn by traveling in Africa - with all its mystery, tribal culture, complex political and religious matters, it is ultimately Africa. African Studies is a little unconventional, but nevertheless relevant and exciting interdisciplinary graduate program.

This training course focuses on countries in Africa as a partner country, but also as a developing country. To understand Africa's current situation and the continent's culture as a whole, it is necessary to know the history of Africa and after two years you will see Africa in a whole new perspective. The subjects you will become acquainted with in the course of the study are mainly humanities and social science disciplines.

For example, in the module "Africa's natural, population and society" you will experience Africa as the beautiful continent it is, you also get a sharp insight the differences that characterize Africa - from the southern Africa through Zambia, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya Ethiopia and Sudan to meet a very different culture in the North African countries such as Libya and Algeria. In "Religion, Culture and Society" will meet the true Africa, with all its history and tribal culture that lies deep in the Africans, and the religious cotton be that bind people together in a confusing mosaic of tribal religions and they come religions like Christianity and Islam .

After two exciting academic year can primarily seek jobs in organizations that work with assistance in developing countries in Africa. NGO and consulting organizations for increasingly demanding graduates who are knowledgeable about African conditions and is able to make a difference in their work. So if you want to work with one of the most beautiful and mysterious continents of the world, do not hesitate to read African Studies.

Job Opportunities

NGO, Development Consultant.

Special admission requirements

The admission requirements for the Master's program is an academically relevant bachelor's degree in humanities, social sciences, legal and theological disciplines.

Related student jobs

NGO (non-governmental organization), organizations focusing development, private companies focusing Africa as a trading partner and export market.