Adalbert Street and Spouse Scholarship

Belongs to this/these group of educations

Social Sciences
Health Sciences
Technical Training

Meant for

Studies and internships abroad

Application deadline

2nd quarter


Derived from profits for 2008 are now kr. 100,000, - for distribution. The scholarship is available to all students at the University of Copenhagen.

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For scholarship charter can be highlighted: "The scholarship will be handing in not too small portions for the Bursary provision, for example. corresponding to the difference between the State Education for each year of funding provided scholarships and own resource amounts, or if the applicant does not intend to seek fellowship through the State Education Fund, a corresponding amount, which can be supplemented with income from work. "

How to apply for the scholarship?

Use the university's application for the University of Copenhagen scholarships.


The application deadline expiring on 16 April 2009 at. 12th


Answers to the applications will be given so that those who have come into consideration for the award receive notification directly from the SU office, while those who have not come into consideration, do not receive such notification, but refer to the university newspaper or at the above website, which in mid-September will be given details of the amount of a distribution and the number of students who have come into consideration.


Application submitted to: University of Copenhagen SU ​​office Fiolstræde 22 PO Box 2112 1014 Cph. K