Academic Books Roskilde

Academic Books Roskilde

Academic Books is the new name of the bookstores formerly known as the Academic Bookstore. Academic Books is the largest academic bookstore and one of the leading suppliers of books to Danish business. We've driven bookstore and publishing for more than 40 years and our knowledge of books is extensive. All our employees keep abreast of what is happening on the book market in Denmark and abroad. Our customers are mainly students, teachers and business employees. Our academic profile and close collaboration with teachers at several colleges means that we provide all curriculum books for the students and the latest books to people who continue learning alongside their work.


Our primary goal is to deliver all the books that country's students, teachers and business people need. At Academic Books, we take pride in providing the best service to our customers.
  • to deliver the goods on time
  • Having a wide and updated selection of books
  • to provide a good and competent service to our clients
  • to have competitive prices


Academic Books is part of the SL Fund. SL Fund is a nonprofit organization with the students on the board. Profit in the company that are not used for consolidation is channeled back to the students through cost reductions, improved service in stores or supporting student social purposes.


The company was founded in 1967 to CBS (Copenhagen Business School). Academic Books has always focused on students, which even today is considered to be one of our most important customer groups. Since SL fund under the name Society of Literature opened its first store on CBS in 1967, we have expanded operations with more shops and several publishers. In 1991 we moved for the first time in addition to CBS's hit and opened the shop at RU. In 2004, we took over the bookshop at the former Royal. Veterinary and Agricultural University, which today is part of the University of Copenhagen. In 2009, we acquired the Academic Bookstore with four additional stores at Copenhagen University and in 2010 Atheneum bookstore, located in the center of Copenhagen. SL Fund currently operates eight stores and serving a wide range of studies and higher education institutions in Denmark. Our academic range is extensive and spans social sciences, IT, humanities, education, science and medicine.


In 1999, we opened our internet bookshop. On you can choose from millions of titles and find the curriculum lists all fields of study. In 2010 began Academic Books also sell e-books.


SL Fund also operates a variety of academic publishers. The flagship is Samfundslitteratur focusing on the good academic textbook. For famllien also includes Roskilde University Press, Biofolia, (science) News from the Social Sciences and CBS Press.


RUC, Roskilde Universitet
Universitetsvej 1
4000 Roskilde

Contact info

46 74 22 47


Humaniora, naturvidenskab, filosofi, videnskabsteori, kommunikation, kultur, forvaltning, økonomi, politik, pædagogik, psykologi, politologi, historie, journalistik, geografi, international udvikling.

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Academic Books Roskilde
Academic Books Roskilde
Academic Books Roskilde
Academic Books Roskilde