Aalborg Gymnastikforening 1884's study scholarship

Belongs to this/these group of educations

Health Sciences

Meant for

Studies and internships abroad

Application deadline

1st quarter


Aalborg Gymnastikforening 1884's study scholarship can apply for an athlete from one of SIFAs member associations for a study or a study at home or abroad with the aim to excel in his sport. It is a condition that the money is used for this purpose.

How to apply for the scholarship?

A brief application with a description of what the scholarship applied for - and fitted with a recommendation of the chairman of the scholarship applicant's sports club - sent to the SIFA, whose board examines the applications and selects scholarship recipient - preferably in consultation with a representative of the AG.


SIFA announces the ability to search the scholarship newsletter to clubs every year in good time before the application deadline, which is set at around 1 March.


The grant is awarded in portions of kr. 10,000 per. year. The grant is awarded around AG's stiftelsesdag, April 1, at a small gathering, possibly held in scholarship recipient's association.