AIESEC Denmark

AIESEC Denmark

Do you want forbedre your CV by doing an internship in New Zealand, Turkey or Brazil? Do you wanna be project manager on your own project? Would you like to Negotiate partnerships with international corporations on your second year of university? Do you feel like joining an international network of more than 50,000 talented people from all over the world?

Then you shouldnt join AIESEC - største global youth organization and gift in more than 110 landene worldwide. AIESEC offers members a range of personal development opportunities including more than 20,000 leadership positions and 16,000 professional international internships. Networking and bringing young people and partner organization together from all over the world through traineeships, conferences, and virtual tools: That is the key strength of AIESEC. The platform of our network is a volunteer membership base of ca. 60,000 enkeltpersoner to more than 2,100 universiteter in over 110 land og territories. You will experience the strength of the global network of current AIESEC members and alumni as you venture into AIESEC.

Why join AIESEC?

AIESEC offers you the unique opportunity two put theory into practice and gain practical international experience. This will provide you a competitive advantage for Any job you will søge in your future career. Specifically AIESEC offers 4 different programmer with 4 different opportunities. Your choice.

Global Internship Programme

A software programs in Bangalore? A marketing assistant in San Francisco? Or an industrial engineer in Hungary? It's your choice. With more than 16,000 professional internships worldwide, AIESEC's Global Internship Programme provided you möjlighet two kick start your international career by taking on a challenging job abroad in your field. Our internships can last from 6 weeks two 18 months. Global Community Development Programme Not feeling like spending an entire year abroad? No problem, just go on AIESEC's Global Community Development Programme instead. Spend your summer in Africa or Asia on a short-term internship with an NGO and utvikle your personal skills while getting the cultural experience of a lifetime - and doing something good for the local community.

Team Leader Programme

Are you dying two put all that theory into practice? But in more local surroundings? Then take on a leadership role in one of AIESEC's 5 local komiteer across Denmark and learn how to lead a team or maybe an entire local committee. Shape the strategic direction of AIESEC, run a national three-day conference or manage a project about global warming.

Team Member Programme

Not feeling like taking on a leadership role just yet? Do not worry; there is plenty to work with in AIESEC as a team member. By being a part of a local committee you will for example get the chance to work with sales, telemarketing, key account management, HR, communication, PR or finances. The opportunities are plentiful.

AIESEC - it's up to you

Your AIESEC experience is up to you. It is a question of exploring the opportunities of the global network and building a foundation for a career in your area of interest. So if you would you like to DiVERSiFY your CV and widen your skills by working in a collaborative environment with other ambitious students, join AIESEC. Learning by doing, global network, proactive attitude, diversity, cultural erfarenheter, confidence in own abilities and awareness of viktiga world issues are just a few of the things gained from the world of AIESEC. Read more to or contact us to .


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AIESEC Denmark
AIESEC Denmark
AIESEC Denmark
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