5 food markets you MUST visit

5 food markets you MUST visit

Do you love food from all over the world and have delicious dining experiences? Then a food market is definitely for you! Here it is typically possible to experience freshly prepared food from every corner of the world, which is prepared right in front of you. You have the opportunity to experience this in all the major cities in Denmark. Read on in the article here if you want inspiration on which food market you should visit as your next.


Odense: Storms Warehouse

In the heart of Odense at the port of Odense lies Storms Pakhus. Here, delicious street food is served from their 24 food stalls as well as delicious drinks from their 6 bars. At Storms Pakhus there is ample opportunity to explore the food of the world in the beautiful stalls. The food market is located in an old warehouse, which has been renovated and decorated since then and today forms a wonderful setting for this beautiful food market.


Aarhus: Aarhus Central Food Market

If you are at Strøget in Aarhus, you should definitely visit Aarhus Central Food Market. This food market is centrally located in Aarhus by Strøget and it is therefore easy to take a stroll if you are in the city anyway. Aarhus Central Food Market offers food from all over the world and here you get all your senses stimulated. You will definitely find at least one of their delicious stalls that will tempt you to taste a bite.


Copenhagen: Reffen and Torvehallerne

Since Copenhagen is Denmark's largest city, they have a huge selection when it comes to food markets, and it is therefore necessary to highlight two whole food markets from Copenhagen.

The first is Reffen, which is an urban playground with both food, design culture and design that occupies their 10,000 square meters. This place is something for the whole family and you will find the food of the world, so there is something for both the adults and the children. You will find soccer fields, skating rinks, climbing walls and other places where you and / or the children can burn some energy before putting your teeth into a delicious meal.

The next is Torvehallen, which describes itself as being the entire Copenhagen pantry. Here they have 115,000 visitors each week, which certainly tells something about the popularity of this food market. The peat halls have more than 60 cities, and therefore you have plenty of opportunity to experience lots of good food experiences here. There it is both possible to buy a lot of delicacies that you can take home and enjoy, or buy some food that you can eat in the hall.


Aalborg: The Lighthouse

In Denmark's fourth largest city, Aalborg, you will also find a delicious Street Food market: The Lighthouse. This is Aalborg's first permanent Street Food market, where both gastronomic experiences and local produce are the key words. You will find The Lighthouse in West Town. Here you have the opportunity to experience 16 different cuisines, which are inspired by food around the world. Here, in particular, it is also possible for students to get a good meal for good money, with prices starting from just 50 kroner. The food market is located in an old furniture factory, which gives it a rustic look and a cozy atmosphere.