§3 Køreskolen

DRIVING TO STUDY PRICES - 3 concepts and BMW 320I school wagon.
Lock-Price-Hold locks the lowest price at registration no matter when you start - you select start time. It's most popular team. Win-win for everyone.
Standard team follows the announced start times on the web page www.p3koreskolen.com
Turbo-hold is the typical summer team. Full speed on the course.
They drive BMW 320i learner car and your driving instructor is a highly experienced teacher and former pilot and flight instructor. They hold, however, close to the asphalt with students;)
Bonus lessons if you take a friend along - as there is always room for one, will learn how to drive safely and well.


Silkeborgvej 19, 8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 3023 7660

E-mail: kul@p3koreskolen.dk

Opening Hours

Telefon tid: 08:00 - 8:30


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