Zoneterapeut School Iris (Gl. Kongevej)

Zoneterapeut School Iris (Gl. Kongevej)

Reflexology Training is a relatively new training in Denmark. Nevertheless, by now some places you can take it. One of the places is Zoneterapeut School Iris, formerly called Gl. Kongevej Reflexology and Acupuncture Training. It is the oldest reflexologist school and is named after its founder Iris Serup Christensen.

The school's current owner is Ken Lunn and while takeover and name change has Ken also moved premises to Astrology house, which has some lovely surroundings, where you can enjoy a coffee or herbal tea.

Ken Lunn trained in herbalism and graduated physiological therapist and the school daily administrator.

Besides Ken, there are three other teachers Jan Almskou, Henriette Honoré and Mette Sahlholdt. They are all trained reflexologists.

Henriette has also trained as a teacher, psychotherapist and reiki healer. Mette is cranio sacral therapist, masseuse and ear acupuncture.

Reflexology can be used to treat all types of injuries or disabilities.


Teglværksgade 37
2100 Kbh Ø

Contact info

Telefon: 33 93 61 62



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Zoneterapeut School Iris (Gl. Kongevej)
Zoneterapeut School Iris (Gl. Kongevej)